The club hosts players of all levels and all ages. We pay particular attention to beginning players offering them support and a broad choice of options to develop their skills.







The « sport of kings » has its origins in Persia as early as the 6th century BC and in more recent centuries it was spread around the globe by the British army: Although this dynamic sport evolved throughout ages it remains above all a team sport and made unique by the connection and harmony between the rider and the horse. The game is appreciated for its speed, grace and elegance but some would even liken it to « going to battle »! two teams of 4 players confront each other for a match comprised of 4 periods « chukkas » on a large field of 275m in length. An area equivalent to 5 official football fields.

The Geneva Polo Club is affiliated with the French Polo Federation (FFP), and FFP rules apply to all games played at the club.

All riders must possess a valid FFP license to play.

Register for a FFP license here.


You can watch or play polo at the GPC every day of the week except Mondays (resting day for horses and grooms) from May to October! Our training sessions and membership programs are open to players of all ages and levels. The club has a large stock of rental horses (with grooms) for both local and visiting players.

practice matches

Regular polo practice matches are held 3 times per week during the season:

– Wednesday evenings

– Saturday & Sunday mornings

stick & ball sessions

Our S&B members can train individually at the time of their choosing.
The club also holds group s&b sessions as follows:

– Tuesday evenings

– Thursday evenings

– Friday evenings

Schedules and number of chukkers may vary depending on attendance and weather conditions. Please feel free to contact us to get the weekly planning


It is very easy to learn polo at GPC! Just ask our in-house or visiting pros for a private or group lesson, they will teach you everything from mallet handling to polo-style riding.

For young players, the club also organizes regular junior training sessions.

For more information about our polo school and how to start riding and playing with us, you can simply use our contact form here.


Each year, the club attracts teams from all over the world to compete in our 2 biggest tournaments:

– The Season Open Cup 2/4 goals – played in June

– The Season Finale Cup 2/4 goals – played in September.

Each tournament is a major event in the Geneva social landscape, successfully bringing 1000 to 1500 visitors over the week-end, attracted not only by the high-level games but also by the numerous attractions and sponsor stands – all with our famous good vibes and friendly atmosphere.

During the year, friendly low-goal tournaments are held regularly, and the GPC Polo Team also moves around Europe to play and represent the club in various competitions!


Any player visiting the club can rent a horse and play polo with us, as long as they present a valid license from another recognized polo association or obtain the FFP license.

Players looking to train or play regularly at the club, with or without horses, must enlist into one of our membership programs to support the club’s budget (horses – staff – facilities – social events), depending on their needs.

– Stick & Ball Membership: Includes social membership and gives access to designated fields for stick & ball as well as reduced prices for horse rentals

– Full Membership: Includes social membership and gives access to all facilities and greens for both stick & ball and chukkas. Reduced rates for horse rentals and other services.

– Social Membership: A great way to support the club, this brings you into our social scene with preferred invitations to our many club events

– “Books of 10 sessions” for horse rentals where each session is valid for 1 S&B session or 1 chukker (of practice match) are available for sale. The social membership is due upon the first book purchase.

Feel free to ask our team for the complete package details and pricing via the contact form below.