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The best feeding and care of horses is top priority and this aspect of our operation is the very essence of successful polo! Polo ponies, like athletes, need healthy and energetic food plus comfortable accommodations. They need the right kind of training and they need it consistently. At the same time, horses are social animals and have individual needs. Our team appreciates this reality and is there to provide the best care and solutions for you and your horse.

Stables, Paddocks, Corrals, Pastures



Stables, Paddocks,

Corrals, Pastures

The club offers over 40 boxes, and a wide range of paddocks, corrals and green grass pastures on its 30 hectares. Services in all cases include quality hay and water.
– Pension “box/park” where the horse sleeps in the box stall at night but spends the day in a nice field, and the team does all mucking out and feeding.

– Box stall only: appropriate for “groomed horses” where the service only includes the box stall but no mucking out and feeding. Outside fields are available for use.

– Pension park: Horses live permanently outside in designated fenced parcs that are equipped with fresh water and “free service” hay.

Should you need custom services or more information about our facilities and rates, please use the contact form below


The club welcomes private grooms and may offer grooms temporary accomodation for a fee. A “pooled” groom service is available for horse owners having fewer horses or not requiring extensive horse training. Our team of predominantly Argentine grooms grew up on horse farms and are passionate about their work. They insure the best horse care and training- just ask our members!

Horse Care & Veterinary

Our permanent, year-round staff takes special care to look after the over 80 horses on the property. Horses can be placed in groups of individually, while rotated between various pastures, according to their needs (green grass, shade, etc…).

We also work with the best and most reasonably priced veterinary clinics in the area who are very fast to answer our calls and they are familiar with the sport of polo.

The club also has relations with the best farriers experienced in polo as well as classic riding, who offer special who offer special rates to members.

Horse Care & Veterinary

Horse Purchase & Sales

The club has a large list of horses for sale of various profiles, just inquire! Additionally, we are always eager to help our players find the right horse via outside vendors. The club also works closely with Estancia San Martin, a very old polo club and breeding operation in Argentina from where, over the past years, we have imported nearly 50 horses.

Customs & Administration

The club office maintains the official papers of all horses on the property (a legal obligation). We are ready to support clients in any issue related to titles or customs for cross border travel. Fees vary depending on the specific service or work required.

Wintering & Breeding

The club manages a breeding and horse wintering operation on nearly 20 hectares of Alfalfa and pasture land in the South of France, between Nimes and Port Camargue on the sea. There is also a beautiful guest lodge on site, “La Chaix” (a renovated winery) that can be rented at special rates by our members. See Airbnb link for availability and booking, or book directly with the club by contacting our office on +41 22 317 78 20.

operation “Haras” Mas de St Remy, France
Our typical cycle is 5-6 months of wintering in St Remy before and after the polo season. This site is particularly well suited for the winter months as the climate is warmer and dryer and the soil is sandy and drains well. There is a permanent staff presence during the winter months. The club offers horse owners special rates for consolidated transport to and from St Remy for wintering.
Starting in 2016 with the acquisition of our pure quarter horse stallion “Chiccio” we began the breeding activity in St Remy. The broodmares are all polo horses that are either retired or with career ending injuries. We now have 3 beautiful foals: Remy, Mystica, Sandy and more are on the way for 2019! We invite our members to to invest in young foals. Please inquire with the club.



The club owns several transport vehicles including: 9-horse lorry, trailer for 4 horses “Fautras”, a large 6-horse “gooseneck” trailer as well as a Dodge Ram 1500, a Land Rover Discovery and a Defender fleet for towing. We are experienced in the organisation of transport using own or external resources for both short-haul and long-haul transport.

Please inquire for more details on transport services and an estimate for your transport needs!